Art by Lantiis Frequently Asked Questions

Super Important!

Can I repost or share your art/property?

Why did you submit a DMCA against me/us?!

Because you have posted my art or art that otherwise belongs to me without my permission and without proper credits.

1. I ALWAYS give 24 hours for people / pages / websites to fix the issue via a comment on said post or artwork outline the deadline and plans. If you don't listen, that is your problem, not mine.

2. If you have me blocked or in a situation where I have to go super sleuth to get the info just to make a DMCA takedown, I won't bother giving you the opportunity to fix it. Again, if you know it is wrong and who I am enough to block me, it is your problem, not mine.


Find Me

I emailed you and never got a response. Why?

Junkmail folder probably ate it. Sorry. You can try emailing me again, but it would be preferable to mosey on over to FB or dA to send me a message...

What happened to your contact form?

It died? To be fair, the form for this platform has no way for me to keep emails from the site going into the spam/junk folder of my email, so I don't use it.

What happened to your Wordpress site?

Wordpress happened. It broke in the most realistic and intentional meaning of the word. I *could* have rebuilt it, but WP has broke for me one too many times at this juncture. So I backtracked to a platform that, while breaky in itself, has never broke so hard that I lost everything multiple times over... Cue Oxwall

Will you add me to your personal Facebook?

Commissions / Hire Me

What all do you do - artwise?

I am a hobbyist artist. I do photography, digital art, traditional art, some CSS/HTML (and platform web design - WP and Oxwall), and some branding (usually text-based).

Are your commissions open?

As of 7/9/19, I am open for the following:

Digital Art

Traditional Art

Text-based Branding

Please see the commission page for more info.

What tools do you use?

I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD Tablet with Photoshop. I have a Canon Rebel T3i and use Lightroom for post processing. I also use a 0.5HB lead in a mechanical pencil and notecards / sketchpad for drawing plus whatever colored pencil and white gel pen I can afford that month.

How do I hire you for a photography session? What are the prices?

Photography is closed right now unless you have been a past client. Prices are the same for past clients until further notice.

Can I make a deposit / make payments on a commission?

Yes! However no refunds and work does not begin until payment is completed in full.

Can I send you a check [make other payment arrangements]?

No. Paypal only.

On dA I do offer some commission types vai Points.

Do you do NSFW?

Yes! BUT...





About Me

You really a mom? How many kids?

YAP! One beautiful daughter - she is my world!

Are you really a veteran?

Yes. I am a service connected veteran from the Air Force. I have a disability from an injury I received in the military.

How were you injured in the military?

I fell during basic training. I tore my knee up really bad - required physical therapy to be able to walk properly again... still can't walk properly and now my foot is messed up too...

Are you really an Ordained Minister?

Yes! My mother and I did it together <3

What is your religion?

I am more spiritual than religious. I choose to be kind and respectful to all faiths. My actual faith is for me to know and you to [apparently] wonder about.

What are your mental health issues?

Honestly, I feel uncomfortable putting that out there (or here) - in personal conversation, if it comes up, that is one thing, but I am not here to display my personal mental health recipe for people to pick at. With that said, I do get asked this rather frequently, so I just finally made a blog about it: Health Blog

Do you have an OC hoarding problem?

I think we all know the answer is yes lol
Likes / Dislikes

Why a pastel brick rainbow...?


Seriously tho, I just like it :3

Why do you like having so many villains?

Bad guys are just so colorful and fun to explore backstory and personality-wise!

Who is your top fave OC and why?

Elle, a Pakkeli from the Pakkeli-Cluser CS by Crystalomic.

Elle was designed by Crystalomic and is a one-of-a-kind Pakkeli - no one will ever be like her as she has a banned trait in her goo! AND HER GOO IS RAINBOW!!

She is, hands down, my most beautiful OC, and I have developed one of my most loved stories for her too. So she's really a double-threat in the fave-OC world haha!

Who is your favorite villain OC you have?

QUEEN HUYA ALL THE WAY! Take note because she was designed by me! Woot!

Not a huge shocker for anyone who knows me. I have spent the longest on her story, am consumed with getting art and making art for her, and she crosses multiple fandoms!

Closed Species / Fandoms

Why do you only draw senshi?

I rarely draw senshi unless you are meaning commissions I get from time to time that are senshi?

I have senshi OCs - love the Sailor Moon fandom! But I also rarely draw them ;3;

What's the deal with all your species?!


I like to make them!!!

I like knowing people enjoy them <3

CS are a wonderful creative outlet! I recommend you try!

How many OCs do you have?

Oh lort! Do not make me count!!!

.... uncountable lol

Which Species you made is your favorite?

Ambrivans all the way! My babies - I have (and still do) put so much work into them!

My newest fledgling species are Lemea and Wonderlings which I do love so much!

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