MamaLantiis's blog

Making art has simply stopped bringing me joy.

I have to find the joy in art again for myself... Plain and simple. Right now, it feels like a chore and stresses me out. I don't want to QUIT art - I just need a break from it but have no idea how long this break will last.

Things you will see...

I will finish the 6 MYOs I have been working on.

I will continue to do a monthly ACEO for the Facebook Exchange.

I will finish the last commission left from 2019 with help from the commissioner.

I will participate in any/all admin collabs at Pakkeli-Cluster on deviantART.

I will otherwise do no art unless the absolute desire strikes me.

This means I will be slow, if at all, on adopts. I probably will not participate in any events or exchanges for a while. I will do no trade with anyone for any reason. I will not offer art for OTA or DTA characters (sad, but true). And as per normal, I probably will not participate in any group events [unless the desire strikes me something fierce].


That is the big announcement.

XOXO Lantiis