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It is that time of year (apparently)...

I am switching up how I draw and color, again lol

I am very comfortable with what I do right now, but being comfortable does not get you customers. I need to be brassy and bold! So some changes are coming up to my digital art.

In the past, I have gone super cartoony - like CARTOONY AF lol. I don't intend on doing that again, but I do intend on some serious work to proportions, faces (esp eyes), and more dynamic posing. This may change up some of what you are used to seeing style-wise.

I also intend to change up my coloring: namely how I shade and light things. I know EXACTLY what I want to do, so stay tuned for that goodness to come lol. Let it be know that I will NOT being using overlay, soft light, and dodge anymore *puts foot down*

All-in-all, this will be a great thing that is happening! I really hope you all look forward to this as I firmly believe it will be a real treat for everyone!


The new website is up and showcases a default (but customized) theme on the Oxwall platform. I will be mostly microblogging with a dinky blog to go into details on items I find 'worthy' lol

Some new updates: 7/9/19!

Commissions are open to all again.

I closed my Patreon - could not keep up.

New pricing on commissions - please update yourselves.

New About Me - got something to add? Lemme know!

Also a more comprehensive FAQ is available!

Art gallery is sorted and a thing (also hot mess lol)

I can be found on less and less sites - too much to keep up with!

In other news...

The kiddo and I are doing great! We will be experiencing a vacation in the very near future! It is a family reunion, and we are both very excited (if not a bit apprehensive) to go. 

Our 4th of July was kind of ploopy - Emma decided she was afraid of everything. She was a serious buzzkill and cried all night when she realized she was a buzzkill and didn't get to do all the fun things bc she basically refused. :/ Spending the 4th with my dad tho was awesome! Got some good quality time just chit-chatting and laughing about a bunch of nothing haha! Got some good life lessons in too :3

Work is busy which is good. I am expanding my duties and getting my feet wet in group sales which is interesting and kind of fun. Going between two hotels makes for lines crossed, but my GMs are always cool and laugh along with me!

Upcoming Arts before I go on Vacation!! [hopefully lol]

Headshot for Nicky's Headshot Exchange

A slew of the last few patron rewards!

A MYO Hoshi-Fawn (they were so sweet and unbanned me)

2 Fairy-Keeper Pony Adopts

A MYO Pakkeli from Pakkeli-Cluster

A MYO Pavesi from Pakkeli-Cluster