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Commissions will be CLOSED in 2020

YES, ALL OF 2020


- Previous Clients

- Referrals from Previous Clients

- I know you and feel like it

This does not include

- Customs: If I open customs, they are open for everyone.

- Adopts: I will still be doing adopts.

- Exchanges: And other gifts/events I might join.


I have a lot of characters, ships, ideas, etc that I have a dream of completing. Taking on commissions can sometimes eat into my personal art time, and I just really want to have time for me and my own art and stories this year. ALSO, I learn more when I make art of my own characters. I can experiment and do weird things whereas I cannot with a paid commission.

2020 Art Goals

Major Goals

- Do art of my own characters.

- Commission more artists for art of my characters.

- Advertise more artists' projects to help them achieve funding goals.

- Do more giftart for other people in general.

Minor Goals

- Maintain if not improve some on proportions, posing, etc.

- Develop and improve upon a new coloring technique.

- Figure out faces, expressions, and facial perspective.

- Diversify my character body types in accordance with their bios - what is written must match what is drawn...

It is that time of year (apparently)...

I am switching up how I draw and color, again lol

I am very comfortable with what I do right now, but being comfortable does not get you customers. I need to be brassy and bold! So some changes are coming up to my digital art.

In the past, I have gone super cartoony - like CARTOONY AF lol. I don't intend on doing that again, but I do intend on some serious work to proportions, faces (esp eyes), and more dynamic posing. This may change up some of what you are used to seeing style-wise.

I also intend to change up my coloring: namely how I shade and light things. I know EXACTLY what I want to do, so stay tuned for that goodness to come lol. Let it be know that I will NOT being using overlay, soft light, and dodge anymore *puts foot down*

All-in-all, this will be a great thing that is happening! I really hope you all look forward to this as I firmly believe it will be a real treat for everyone!